Friday, June 08, 2007


after reading my last post, I have determined that I actually am more fucked up than I thought.

true that.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


this is me procrastinating.

I've got three tests tomorrow and I feel like studying for not one of them!

excuse the complaining. if there's one thing (among many many more) that bothers me (at this particular moment in time) it is people who complain excessivle about homework and/or list every assignment they did or have to do. are you really quite that boring that you need to detail your homework life for me?

the truth is... yes.

or am I so boring that you have nothing else to say to me save the homework shit? lets hope not.

today in civics the teacher told the class to write four words on the board, two that describe the way you think of yourself, and two that cover how others perceive you. or how you THINK others perceive you. a great deal of difference.

I didn't write any words on the board. I might have managed fuck you in both places but he said no explicatives.

like I would actually do that.

I am just too bland in school.

The truth is,

I am much more complex than two words. can I even describe myself in many words? I am so many different me's.

do you know what really drove me crazy though? some my fellow (and rather stinky if I do say so myself) peers wrote things on the board that they wanted others to think about them. like didn't put too much thought into it. there were a lot of "loud"s, "nice"s, and a few "complicated" comments for those who wanted to be sure that those watching them write on the board didn't get the wrong idea about their not so simple life. not sure that I can convey what I mean entirely, let me delve further. the type of person who wants you to know that their life is complicated so you know that you don't have it as bad as them. twisted logic. why anyone would desire pity is beyond me. but of course, I am an anti-pity advocate. I cannot stand pity or sympathy most of the time. a major character flaw. not really.

a major character flaw would be my inability to open up in front of strangers.

and yet I am able to type out all of this on a blog that is up for everyone to see and yet no one will see it?

it's true. no one is going to actually read this post.

I dare whoever reads this post to write a comment stating that they read it.

double dog dare!

I read about that in the sarah dessen trash that I was reading today.

seriously... does it get any worse than that? double dog dare? sarah dessen at least appeared to have the same opinion. but seriously, sometimes I wonder about those books.

I think that I'm almost done.

I think that it's a bit strange that everytime I go to finish a post I say that.

tough shit.

for me.

time to study.

I can avoid the inevitable no longer.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

hannukah songs

are currently playing on npr

yeah right now

so go listen to them before the christmas carols come back!

hannukah songs

are currently playing on npr

yeah right now

so go listen to them before the christmas carols come back!

sergent pepper's lonely hearts band yeah...

do you know what bothers me?
people who wear sweats and pajama pants during school.

I find this is especially a problem during exams.
but seriously guys
exams aren't that hard to the point where you need to be extra comfortable in order to perform your best.
you know, if I can make the effort to shower, brush my teeth, and put fresh clothes on in the morning so can you.

please just put some jeans on!

in other news
muumy bought me and norah really cute sweaters at buckle for hannukah
which makes me wicked spoiled
considering I'm getting drivers ed and a trip to israel.
it's very cute
red sweater with three really big buttons after a big v neck thing
would look really amazing with my gray dress pants and that white tanktop that I absolutley adore.
can't wait to wear it to services

seriously sometimes I think that there really isn't a function to going to temple every saturday except to be seen wearing my amazing outfits.
really though, it's just my fault that my dress up clothes are more gorgy than the everyday casual sort.
too bad for me.

that's the end.

I don't like to watch ugly betty on tv
it's kind of a retarded show...
but the office is pretty cool =D

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